When someone announces, “Found the vegan!” after they receive a response from a vegan to a post they published in the vegan tag

Oh, well, sorry—I thought you were looking for me.  

"People run from rain but
in bathtubs full of

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Wow bukowski so profound do you also bathe fully clothed you dickhead. “Oohh isn’t it funny that a person will eat when they’re hungry but will duck if you throw an apple at their face”

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Yoga for hip openers

hello friends! ever since these photos of me started making the rounds on tumblr, the most common question i get asked is “what are hip openers?” so i thought i would make my next guide focused on that. hip openers are poses that help to loosen the muscles that connect to the hip joints. remember that these muscles are often very tight and be careful not to overstretch yourself. loosening the hips happens very very gradually. incorporating some of these poses into your yoga practice can help to achieve both front and side splits!

ps. i tried to put these in a coherent order so that you can flow through them with one leg, then go back and repeat the flow using the opposite leg! 

  • standing wide-legged forward fold - put your feet wider than shoulder width and bend forward while keeping the back as straight and flat as possible. you should feel the stretch in your hamstrings - hold for a few breaths, then rotate around to downward facing dog.
  • lizard pose - start in downward facing dog and raise one leg up behind you, then swing it through to place your foot next to your hand, on the outside. keep your front knee at a 90 degree angle and sink into a deep lunge, with your back knee on the floor and leg extended. you’ll feel this one in your back leg’s hip flexor (along your hip crease) and also deep in your front leg’s hip joint. 
  • pigeon pose - from lizard pose, move your hand to the outside of your front foot, keep the knee bent, and pull your foot across so it’s near the opposite hand. bend the knee as generously as you want - the closer it is to being parallel with your body, the deeper the stretch. rest here, or go down to your elbows, or even lay forward as you advance in the pose. hold for 5 breaths.
  • seated wide-legged forward fold - extend both legs wide as far as is comfortable. rest here, and then bend forward with a straight back. i also like to stretch by reaching toward one foot and then the other.
  • head-to-knee forward bend - extend one leg and bend the other at the knee. gently bring your head to your knee while keeping your back straight and your core engaged. if you can’t get down far, just keep your back straight and hold for 3-5 breaths.
  • wind relieving pose - come on to your back, bend one knee and interlace your fingers on your shin bone, about two inches below the knee. pull gently toward your body, keeping your back flush with the ground and engaging your core. you can also rotate your knee gently here.
  • happy baby pose - bend legs and grab for the inside of your heels, and try to keep your back completely flush with the mat - this will give you the deepest stretch in this pose! you can also roll a bit to massage your lower back. 
  • reclining goddess pose - release legs from happy baby and let them fall open to the floor. try to keep your lower back close to the ground and put arms wherever is comfortable. relax here and appreciate your fantastic body! 

hopefully this helps to answer some questions about hip openers! these the poses i focused on when i was trying to achieve the splits, but having loose hips can help with all kinds of other yoga poses and can also release a lot of tension from your lower back. happy hip-opening! :)

mat: Manduka Pro Black Sage

clothes: sports bra - lululemon flow Y IV, shorts - nike, hoodie - lululemon scuba, socks - smartwool

these are pretty great for runners

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I’m exhausted, which is no surprise because I have not been sleeping well for the past two weeks.  Most nights I get 2-3 hours sleep and if I am lucky to get more, it is always interrupted.  
Yesterday I was sick like I used to be for the first time in two months.  I drank a bunch of my teas and I seem to be doing better—I just have some residual pain.  
I’m going to haul my ass over to yoga anyway, though. Maybe that will relax my mind and body enough that I can sleep well tonight.

Could You Handle Being In A Cage This Small For 4 Minutes? How About 4 Years?


If you couldn’t handle being in a cage for four minutes, then why do you think other creatures could handle it either?
End gestation caging, as this video says - or better yet, stop eating meat altogether!

"Smart or not, nothing deserves that."
Thank you suit-clad bearded person! I bristle whenever someone makes this point, whether it be vegans or omnis.  Intelligence should not be the basis to the right to live.
Although this video sends a strong message, it’s really not a video that represents a cruelty-free lifestyle. Most people are falsely under the impression that just because an animal is raised cage-free that it’s all right to put them on your dinner table, which is problematic.  
Don’t eat animals. Don’t eat dairy. Don’t eat eggs. Don’t eat honey. Don’t use products tested on animals. Don’t use products that have animal-derived materials.  Do your research and I guarantee that you’ll find that only then are you starting to live peacefully.

[Edit] Just wanted to add that this was not directed at the OP. :)

Korben is such a perfect little being.  I’m so lucky that such a sweet, smart and loving individual wants to be by my side, sleep on my lap and snuggle with me in bed.  I love him so much.

Today he was strapped in the car right next to me but was so stressed that he couldn’t curl up in my lap for a siesta.  He stretched his little body as far as he could just so that he could have his head and chest on me.  This is just one of the many touching moments we’ve shared.  I honestly can’t imagine my life without him and I often wonder if he knows how he is saving me.

Anonymous Asked:
How is milk murder?


Milk is murder for a ton of reasons.

First, a cow must be forced into pregnancy through artificial insemination (and because she has does not consent to it, it is technically rape) and once her baby is born she is able to produce milk for the baby. But humans want the milk so the baby gets taken away and the mom is hooked up to a nasty metal milking machine that is unnatural and hurts her udders to the point where she gets mastitis. an uncomfortable disease that makes her udders bleed and leak pus (directly into the milk humans consume). And most times she will get pumped with antibiotics (that go directly into the milk humans want to consume) to try and cure the inflammatory disease. And this dairy cow continues on with the same pattern happening to her every year because cows can’t produce milk unless it’s for their baby so she is raped year after year and has her babies taken away from her year after year. And then when her productivity levels have decreased to a point where she is no longer useful to the dairy industry (anywhere from 4-7 years when a natural cow’s lifespan can be up to 25 years old) she is sent to become a Mcdonald’s hamburger.

Now let’s talk about those stolen babies. If the mom has a girl calf, she is often subjected to lead the same life as her mother, a dairy cow til death, being raped, suffering endlessly and having her children stolen from her. But if it’s a boy, he is locked in a crate for 4-6 months before coming someone’s veal. Just because he is a boy he gets murderer a lot sooner because he isn’t productive to the dairy industry.

So let’s look at our victims:

-The suffering mother who eventually is murderer for meat

-The daughter who follows in the same footsteps (raped, milked, murdered)

-The son who is still a baby when he is killed for meat.

This is why milk is murder. There are more victims in the sick twisted dairy industry than even the disgusting heartless meat industry. Please realize that your desire for cows milk is just silly. Cows milk is made to make a calf grow into a huge cow, it’s not meant for human consumption and is actually toxic to the body. You can live and thrive without it!

Please go vegan and help stop the suffering. Be a voice for the voiceless! Stand up and do what is right!

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Anonymous Asked:
Finnish this sentence: S



montt en dosis diarias - -121

(TW: rape) Anonymous asked


Q: Hi, I’m doing an English piece on rape and I can’t find any statistics about the 5 of women raped that are overweight or old, and I’m trying to prove that old and fat people get raped too. Please help! Thanks

A: Hi there. I don’t have any specific resources for you, particularly because the only way something like how fat someone is would be tracked is on a self reported study. It’s not something the police would collect in some kind of accessible way. Age you might be able to find, though.

However, you’re probably going to have more success in research if you re-frame your question. You’re not trying to “prove that old and fat people get raped too.” Instead, you’re trying to prove that rape is about power and not about sex or attraction to conventional standards of beauty. And that, in fact, older people and those whose bodies fall outside conventional standards of beauty may be less likely to be believed because of harmful stereotypes that rape is about sexual attraction and conventional beauty rather than power which makes those people even more likely to be targeted.

If anyone has any resources for this anon, please send them my way.


Georges Laraque is a sports commentator and former professional ice hockey player.  Laraque has also said:  “I officially became a vegan on June 1, 2009. Even though it’s quite a change in terms of nutrition, I have never felt better or so healthy in my life. Considering that I’m a professional athlete, that’s quite important, but with the help of the Montreal Vegetarian Association, and my nutritionist Anne Marie Roy, they have made the perfect meal plan for me that is free of animals and animal-products. And that part is quite crucial, when you’re vegetarian, you cut down fish and meat, but when you’re vegan, on top of that, you eliminate all dairy products as well as everything that comes from animals. It makes sense that I feel healthier now that I’m vegan – according to the Dieticians of Canada and the American Dietetic Association, vegetarians are less prone to heart disease, certain types of cancer, diabetes and obesity than meat-eaters are. I decided to become vegan  after I saw the movie called “EARTHLINGS,” which shows in detail the cruelty animals go through to end up on your plate.”

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